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What are the four advantages of LCD monitors

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

1. The LCD monitor is an original industrial imported screen designed for continuous normal operation of over 80000 hours, with smaller and more precise point spacing.

2. The professional LCD monitor adopts an industrial grade multi reprint board design, which is fireproof, moisture-proof, and prevents high-voltage electrostatic impact. It adopts ultra-low noise dual fan heat dissipation and integrated sheet metal support design. These are higher than the requirements for televisions.

3. The components used in LCD monitors require higher reliability and stability than ordinary televisions, mainly to meet their long-term continuous operation needs. Therefore, installing a television on an engineering project indicates that there is not much difference in appearance, but as the service life extends, its faults will gradually be exposed, causing high maintenance costs in the future and causing significant losses to the reputation of the engineering company.

4. The overspeed drive system of the LCD monitor has also surpassed the current response speed of the TV's 12MS, reaching within 8MS. The LCD monitor has newly developed an industrial grade 3D digital processing chip and the latest RGB independent gamma correction, which improves the color reproduction and brightness consistency, and can clearly display every detail of the picture. The image clarity and color reproduction are higher than those of televisions. Especially in the processing details of still images, it is much higher than that of televisions.

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