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Debugging method and signal interference shielding method for LCD splicing screen

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

With the progress and development of society, the transmission and conversion of information are highly integrated with our daily lives. As one of the terminal display devices for information, LCD splicing screens are shining brightly and have been eagerly applied by many industries.

Interpretation of LCD splicing screen debugging methods

Usually, the hardware installation of LCD splicing systems does not take much time and is relatively simple, which is more complex compared to debugging. The debugging program for the video wall system encountered unclear images. If the display is unsatisfactory, especially at low brightness, blurring the edges of the image, and interference stripe image aliasing and stacking (or frame loss) due to high source resolution, the result is that the LCD embedded in the image does not contain a clear phenomenon. Immediately determine if the product is unavailable. Image to control products such as systems, matrix switches, distributors, signal transmission cables, display terminals for transmission, processing, and display, DVDs, cameras, computers, etc. Displayed video source. Two points to note when excluding:

Firstly, check the first item and assume a certain period of time. If checked, it will be deleted. Once the problem is resolved, you can save the inspection time in other parts. Firstly, one by one, only in this way can the resolution of the terminal display and the display resolution of the signal source be formed, not only for points, but also for points. If this problem is not solved, it will be excluded from all devices to verify the video signal. If it depends on whether to adapt to the destination or display format, the brightness of the image can be greatly improved, or if the display terminal scaling of the device is changed, you can increase the conversion device, By utilizing the properties of this changing signal, the VGA video signal of the video signal can be improved.

Secondly, please see the mechanism to minimize the loss within the standard distance range between the image and the signal source impedance of the bandwidth matrix switch. Finally, the integration of key and display devices is normal, and the signal processing circuit is good. The most important thing is as follows. The construction of reliable and good cables on high ground, in order to keep the signal ground and fixed interface clean, separate cables, and strictly serve as the total number of power and signal lines, such as UPS, AC power connectors at both ends, mark and manage a simple test. Analysis: Key inspection points within the frequency range of synchronization signal sources for control and display terminals, based on symptoms such as non synchronization, synchronization interface cables and transmission equipment. Analyze and test images, ghosts, and transmission cables that are too long or too small to determine if it is a solution to increase signal amplifiers or lane changes.

Analysis of Signal Interference Shielding Technology for LCD Splice Screen System

Nowadays, we often see the footprints of LCD splicing screens in our daily work and life. Now let's conduct a systematic analysis and troubleshooting of common signal interference on LCD splicing screens:

1. There are strong interference sources near the system. This can be judged through investigation and understanding. If this is the case, the solution is to strengthen the shielding of the camera and ground the pipeline of the video cable.

2. The quality of video transmission lines is poor, especially in terms of shielding performance (shielding network is not a high-quality copper wire network, or shielding)

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