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Advantages of LCD monitors

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

Advantages of LED backlight monitors

Firstly, let's understand the classification of LED backlight. At present, LED backlight is mainly divided into two categories: white LED and tricolor LED. The distribution of LED backlight emitters is very uniform, while CCFL backlight tubes are usually strip or U-shaped. Regardless of their shape, their distribution is not very uniform compared to LED backlight. Therefore, LED backlight sources have the characteristic of emitting light more evenly.

In addition, the service life of a regular CCFL backlight source is 50000 hours, while the service life of an LED is greater than 100000 hours. Therefore, liquid crystal displays using LED backlight sources not only have advantages in terms of luminous uniformity and service life, but also are more conducive to green and environmental protection. We all know that commonly used fluorescent tubes contain toxic substances such as "mercury", and CCFL's backlighting principle is basically the same as that of fluorescent tubes, so it also contains harmful substances such as "mercury". The LED backlight does not contain these harmful substances. After a long period of use, the brightness attenuation of the backlight source of a device or LCD TV is better than that of a CCFL backlight.

In addition to not containing harmful substances, LED backlighting also saves more energy. For example, using a 21.6-inch widescreen LCD display with white LED backlight, its default power consumption is only 24.2W, while similar models using CCFL generally have a power consumption of around 40W. Therefore, LED backlight is more conducive to energy conservation.

Based on the low power consumption characteristics of LED backlight, more and more laptops are currently using LED backlight. For laptops that emphasize mobility, using LED backlight can increase battery life and greatly facilitate business users.

White LED is roughly the same in color gamut as regular CCFL. Generally, the color gamut value of liquid crystal displays using white LED is around 72%. The use of tricolor LEDs can significantly increase the color gamut. The color gamut value of VLED221wm launched by Youpai is as high as 118%. Although traditional CCFL backlights can increase their color gamut by adding special substances such as phosphorus powder, their maximum color gamut can usually only be increased to around 108%, which cannot compete with tricolor LED backlights.

Although tricolor LED backlight can increase the color gamut of display devices, its cost is much higher compared to white LED. Therefore, we see that LCD monitors or LCD TVs using tricolor LEDs have higher prices, which is also the reason why tricolor LED backlight has not been widely used at present.

Comparison between LED Backlit LCD Monitor and Traditional CCFL Monitor

1、 The brightness output uniformity of LED backlight LCD monitors far exceeds that of CCFL backlight monitors. LED is a planar point light source, with the most basic emitting unit being a surface light source composed of 3-5m square edges, which has good brightness uniformity. The required auxiliary optical components can be made very simple, and the screen brightness uniformity is superior to that of CCFL backlight. And it can further reduce backlight power

2、 LED backlight LCD monitoring

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