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Dixun Technology Co., Ltd. invites investment and franchises nationwide
Franchise advantages
1. Huge market potential: With the accelerated development of urban modernization and the continuous improvement of residents' safety awareness, the security industry holds huge business opportunities. In 2013, the domestic security industry market capacity exceeded 120 billion yuan, and the growth rate will remain above 20% in the next three years.
2. Strong brand strength: Awarded multiple honors such as "China Security Famous Brand" and "China Security Outstanding National Brand". Enjoy a high reputation in the industry.
3. Strong product advantages: Established cooperative relationships with multiple international panel manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Youda, and Qun Chuang, covering a full range of display products ranging from 10.4 to 110 inches, meeting the needs of customers at different levels.
4. Advanced management philosophy: With the business philosophy of "innovation, integrity, win-win, and sustainability", Dixun's franchisees, distributors, and partners can become millionaires or multimillionaires in their sincere cooperation with Dixun, coexisting material and spiritual enjoyment.
5. Perfect after-sales service: Establish after-sales service centers in multiple provinces across the country, open customer service hotlines to provide 24-hour service, win customer trust with standardized and standardized customer service, and relieve customers' worries.
6. Standardized market management: Reasonably divide the market into different regions, implement exclusive regional authorization, and standardize the market management system to ensure the healthy and healthy development of the market.
8. Information management platform: Adopting advanced ERP management system, it realizes information management of raw material procurement, order processing, logistics distribution and other links, providing more convenient and fast services for distributors, franchisees, and partners. Simultaneously achieve resource sharing.
Joining conditions
1. Citizens with legal qualifications of the China have good local social background and government relations.
2. Having a good spirit of cooperation, diligent and pragmatic, honest and trustworthy, understanding and agreeing with the brand culture concept and full set of business management models of Dixun.
3. Love the security industry, have confidence in its development prospects, and maintain a passion for entrepreneurship.
4. Have a certain level of business experience, professional skills, and management skills.
5. Comply with the "Agency Franchise Agreement" and follow the management of Dixun Technology Co., Ltd.