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Shenzhen Dixun Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Dixun Technology) is a terminal display product and solution provider that focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and service of commercial LCD display products.

Dixun Technology, with its strong research and development team, continuously develops new products and currently has four product lines under its jurisdiction: monitor series, LCD splicing series, digital signage series, educational electronic whiteboard and touch display series. Provide customers with customized 5-84 inch full range products.

Since its establishment, the company has always focused on the field of visual communication, providing customers with the "best quality, best service, and highest cost-effectiveness" products by investing a large amount of research and development costs. Make user communication and decision-making more efficient and convenient.

At present, the entire series of products of Dixun Technology have been widely used in various industries such as government agencies, public security and fire protection, electronic communication, energy and minerals, entertainment and media.

The core concept of the company's rapid development is "quality of communication, meticulous care, continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence".

Our solemn commitment to our customers is to provide lifelong service for our products. Purifying the industry environment and operating with integrity is our corporate responsibility. Helping global users and partners achieve success is our ideal. Providing customers with a better audio-visual experience and more efficient and convenient user communication is our consistent pursuit.

ShenzhenBan newsAdhering to the service tenet of "customer-centric", we continuously improve product quality, service quality, and cost-effectiveness, and continue to create maximum value for customers! We are committed to becoming your most trusted partner and working tirelessly to build a safe, harmonious, and relaxed high-quality life together.