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One purpose: to create high-quality and cost-effective display terminal solutions within the industry!
Type 2 enterprises: (learning oriented, innovative)
Three innovations; Three needs; Sanli
Three creative values: entrepreneurship; Innovation (Core Values) Creating Value (Core Purpose)
Three essential cultures: Be considerate and considerate to every employee. Continuously promote and update to satisfy customers, and do everything in one's power to do things well
Three tenets: hard work, Survival of the fittest, seize the day, never say die, create value, and realize self


Customer oriented, focused management, high value (high quality), low cost, and winning customers
Based on time, the principle of competing for speed and flexibility in the three cash flows (on-site, cash, present)
The principle of being group oriented, three commitments (recognition, commitment, and commitment), and respecting individual values and reflecting professional spirit
Our Talent View


1. The concept of human capital management
Talent is the first wealth of an enterprise, and human capital is one of the components of enterprise capital. The wealth of an enterprise depends on its talents to create
2. Respect personal values and demonstrate professional competence as an internal customer philosophy
In terms of company management, employees are internal customers of the enterprise, and managers at all levels of the enterprise should make great efforts in building employees' "hearts and minds". Only in this way can employees be fully invested
3. The concept of mutual ownership between enterprises and employees
Mutual ownership refers to the mutual ownership of enterprise achievements, interests, risks, and values between enterprises and employees