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Guidelines for purchasing high-definition monitors

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

Currently, on the market HD monitor Common sizes include 17 ", 19", 20 ", 32", 42 ", 40", 46 ", etc. Buyers need to choose the size ratio of the monitor based on their needs and the front-end equipment. If the front-end uses a 720P, 1080i network camera, it is best to choose a 16:9 widescreen LCD monitor for the back-end display device, so that it matches perfectly and the display effect will be maximized. If a size of 5:4 or 4:3 is used, there will be a compression effect during display, causing the monitor image to be unclear. From the perspective of the current development trend of video Réseau Sentinelles, the 16:9 LCD monitor will be the main trend in the future. Due to the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the monitor, the stability and reliability of the monitor are very important. When purchasing, it is important to first understand the lifespan of the LCD screen, check for any defects through testing the image, and ensure that the screen defects are within the allowable range of the standard. Secondly, the quality and beauty of the appearance structure can also be considered, such as whether the shell is made of metal materials with shielding function, whether the interface types are rich, the fineness of the manufacturing process, heat dissipation effect, fan heat dissipation design, and whether the temperature rise is normal

In addition, the certification of the manufacturer's products should also be checked. Generally, the stability and reliability of the products will be better after the Professional certification of the authority. For engineering companies, the most important thing to consider when purchasing LCD monitors is the manufacturer's after-sales service. Once the monitor malfunctions, the user will definitely notify you as soon as possible to resolve it, and the round-trip costs will definitely increase costs. So, it is very important to know how long the manufacturer's products can be guaranteed.

High definition LCD monitors have low power consumption, making them highly favored by engineers and suitable for electronic devices that use batteries. Its main principle is to stimulate liquid crystal molecules with an electric current to generate points, lines, and surfaces, which are combined with the back light tube to form a picture. With the development of the security market, a group of new generation production monitor brands have emerged in the market in recent years. The performance indicators of high-definition LCD monitors mainly refer to physical resolution, brightness, contrast, color saturation, visual angle, response time, and service life. Perhaps when you make a purchase, the manufacturer will show you these specifications and parameter tables. Generally, the parameters written in the manual are very superior. So how do we distinguish? The performance of these indicators depends on the LCD screen manufacturer, and LCD monitor manufacturers will obtain these performance indicators when purchasing LCD screens from LCD screen manufacturers. Therefore, when purchasing, it is important to first understand which manufacturer's LCD screen is used for the monitor.
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