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Specific maintenance methods for high-definition monitors

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

Here are the following HD monitor Maintenance method:

1. The most direct way is to turn off your computer, which is also the most energy-efficient method. Of course, you may only be away for 10-15 minutes, and restarting may feel impatient. You can also buckle the screen, and the system will automatically turn off the screen and enter standby mode. To return the laptop to working mode again, you need to lift the screen.
2. Avoid long hours of work
The pixels of a liquid crystal monitor are composed of numerous liquid crystal bodies. Prolonged continuous use can cause crystal aging or burning, and once damage occurs, it is permanent and irreparable. Generally speaking, do not leave the LCD monitor in the on state for a long time (for more than 72 consecutive hours). If it is not in use, turn off the monitor or let it display all white screen content.

3. Avoid 'hard bumps'
LCD monitors are relatively fragile, and should be careful not to be "bumped" by other devices during normal use. When using cleaning agents, it is also important to be careful not to spray the cleaning agent directly onto the screen, as it may flow into the screen and cause a short circuit. The correct approach is to use a soft cloth to gently wipe the screen with the cleaning agent. Remember, the ability of LCD monitors to resist "impact" is very small, and many crystals and sensitive electrical components can be damaged when subjected to impact.
4. Do not use a screen saver
When using desktop computers, many people like to use screen savers. When they switch to laptops, this good habit is also preserved, but they are unaware that screen savers not only have no benefits for LCD monitors, but also have some negative effects.
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