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The Five Characteristics of Contrast in Banxun High Definition Monitor

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

Ban news HD monitor In terms of contrast, the five major characteristics
1. All Zhongwei LCD monitors have an ultra-high contrast ratio of 3500:1, which greatly enhances color expression and ensures the ideal presentation of image levels, creating eye-catching and beautiful image quality;
2. 8ms fast response time:
3. The 8ms fast response time effectively eliminates the trailing phenomenon of the screen, making the animation smoother. Especially when displaying dynamic videos, web, and 3D animations, the screen performance is even more outstanding;
4. Bright color saturation:
5. Color optimization displays natural tones. For each image and scene, the color optimization function calculates the saturation of the red, green, and blue primary colors and determines their brightness standards. The overall brightness of the image is well preserved, and the screen presents a realistic and natural image.
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