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LCD splicing market has promising prospects, and high-definition has become a trend

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

Security has not entered the Chinese market for a long time, but the development speed of the security market is very encouraging. As a terminal display device for security, the seamless LCD splicing screen provides a new and optimal display platform for high-definition security monitoring. It can enable information collection equipment to capture high-definition monitoring images and perform automatic alarm or linkage control, providing the best display platform for high-definition monitoring, Fully meet various security applications such as traffic command, bank monitoring, power dispatch, border monitoring, urban management, community safety, etc.

LCD splicing has promising prospects and high-definition has become a trend

LCD splicing screens are constantly breaking through the limitations of stitching, and their applications in the industrial field are gradually becoming stronger. Recently, multiple large energy industry screen splicing projects have adopted LCD splicing technology. Large screen splicing has expanded from a professional and high-end application in commercial information display applications to now covering multiple segmented application fields such as commerce, entertainment, and public management. Especially in the media and real estate industries, there is strong market demand, driving the rapid development of the industry. The recent improvement in network technology has promoted the application of digital information dissemination systems. LCD splicing has been increasingly widely used in the commercial display field with clear image quality, small footprint, and flexible splicing methods.

In the next three to five years, the popularity of LCD will become faster and faster, and high-definition will inevitably be the main product of the future. For example, home televisions, including commercial displays, will switch to high-definition signals, including some financial and banking monitoring systems, which are undergoing high-definition upgrades, as well as high-definition cameras and display of high-definition images, to ensure safer monitoring. The trend will inevitably make LCD a mainstream.

With the continuous investment in basic industrial construction such as energy and transportation in China and the advancement of industrial automation and informatization, the demand for industrial application of LCD screen splicing has steadily increased. Large monitoring, command and scheduling large screen splicing projects have been frequently constructed, resulting in many large size splicing screen projects with over a hundred LCD splicing quantities. Industry insiders predict that by 2015, China will fully enter the high-definition era, and high-definition applications will inevitably be supported by LCD.

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