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Development of LCD splicing in the next five years

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

LCD splicing screenOn the basis of technological progress, products have begun to make numerous breakthroughs in applications. For example, digital signage display, outdoor ultra bright splicing, and large-scale security command center applications have not only expanded the market scope of the LCD splicing industry, but also improved the overall market taste and profit level
    LCD splicing wallIt is composed of multiple LCD splicing units, and due to the differences between each LCD unit, different display units will present different colors after long-term use. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the color consistency, brightness uniformity, and fusion of stitching edges of the display unit. We have been committed to using different technologies to achieve the integrity of the splicing image. In order to facilitate the operation and management of the system, more intelligent designs are incorporated into the technology.
In recent years, LCD splicing screens have broken through the limitations of high-end applications, spanning multiple industries such as government, venues, transportation, energy, finance, broadcasting, entertainment, healthcare, education, etc. Even in many public places, we often see its presence. For example, during Chinese New Year holidays, large supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores, and other large venues often have large and high-definition LCD splicing screens for discounts, activities, and other information. These screens can perfectly display all mall products, attracting consumers' attention in any area, space, or angle, making it convenient for users to shop; Play product discounts, activities, and other information to attract more users to consume, thereby bringing more benefits to the mall; The mall has a large pedestrian flow and can display merchant products or corporate advertisements with its excellent and perfect visuals, bringing additional advertising benefits to the mall.
    LCD splicing systemThe overall development trend of the will be towards large screens, high resolution, intelligence, high contrast, modular structural design, and easy installation, management, and control. It can be foreseen that the size of a single screen will become larger, the resolution of the display screen will also become higher, and the brightness of the display screen will gradually increase. This large screen splicing display unit can be used as a separate display screen and can also be used for splicing applications. The LCD splicing series products are developing towards larger sizes to meet the different large screen display needs of various industries.
In the next three to five years, the popularity of LCD will become faster and faster, and high-definition will inevitably be the main product of the future. For example, home televisions, including commercial displays, will switch to high-definition signals, including some financial and banking monitoring systems, which are undergoing high-definition upgrades, as well as high-definition cameras and display of high-definition images, to ensure safer monitoring. The trend will inevitably make LCD a mainstream.
At present, many manufacturers are trying to make the installation structure simpler. For this reason, the LCD splicing screen adopts advanced modular structural design, built-in high-performance splicing processing module and other unique technologies, such as built-in digital matrix, making the installation and management of the splicing display system very convenient. Modular design allows the system to operate without the need for complicated wiring during installation, and only requires the connection of power and network cables to achieve device operation. And management is also very convenient, just manage and control the LCD splicing system through powerful professional splicing control software. This design greatly reduces the installation and management costs of splicing screens. Therefore, modularization is the development trend of splicing units in the future, and the modular structure of splicing units will make installation and debugging more and more simple.
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