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New small LCD splicing wall brings new business opportunities

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

As a newcomer LCD splicing wall Why can it become the dominant player in the advertising industry and what are its advantages compared to DLP and MPDP?
DID LCD splicing is a rising star in this market, characterized by low power consumption, the best quality, long-term continuous operation, high definition (high resolution), bright colors, rich color layers, and the ability to produce beautiful images with different grayscale levels and up to millions of colors. It has the highest reliability, long lifespan, low maintenance costs (basically none), the lightest and thinnest, the smallest volume, complete in various sizes, and can be easily spliced, Quickly attracting users' attention.

The characteristics of DLP rear projection splicing are simple, easy to achieve large size, good viewing angle, and small seam size (1mm or even less). The disadvantage is that the DLP monitor has a large volume, takes up a lot of space, and has a short lifespan. After 2500 to 5000 hours of use, the light bulb needs to be replaced, resulting in high maintenance costs. Due to the use of multiple display units for splicing, the image quality is not high, and reaching a certain number of splicing will result in uneven color and brightness. Its appearance to some extent compensates for the shortcomings of CRT splicing, meets market demand, and is priced in the middle, making it the mainstream product in the current market. The characteristics of MPDP splicing are high contrast, high brightness, good viewing angle, good color, clear dynamic images, small volume, and small seams (less than 6mm). The disadvantages of MPDP splicing are low reliability, easy to malfunction, high maintenance costs, long-term high-voltage work, and certain risks. High power consumption is prone to heat generation, and static images are easy to burn, with fast brightness attenuation, and cannot be repaired. The products used for splicing are exclusively produced by Oulian, with high prices and a certain influence in the splicing market.

Business is the economy, which is the dominant lifeline of a country and closely related to the lives of its people. With the development of the economy, commercial advertising is also moving towards high-definition and large screen display. How to attract customers in the face of today's diverse product categories? In addition to brand effect, unique promotion and bright exterior display are also essential. As a new star, the 46 inch ultra narrow edge LCD splicing perfectly meets these requirements and is becoming a darling of the business community.

DID LCD splicing is a new type of display carrier that has gradually entered people's lives and work in recent years. Due to its fashion, low radiation, energy-saving, space saving, small splicing gaps, stable and clear graphics, it is loved by a large number of users. With the launch of the market and the decrease in prices, more users have the opportunity to use this product. Therefore, the display wall composed of liquid crystal display units has begun to be promoted and applied in various industries. It has now become an essential display device in large exhibitions, public places, video conferences, multifunctional halls, television stations, entertainment, television monitoring, and other places, and has been favored by advertising users in the business world
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