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What is seamless LCD splicing

Time:2019-08-01| Author:admin

Large screenLCD splicingSince entering the market, it has been applied in security monitoring systems, and the role of LCD splicing screens in the entire security monitoring system cannot be ignored. The working performance of the splicing screen plays a crucial role in whether the entire security monitoring system can play its role. Splicing large screens helps the security monitoring market usher in a new development trend and leads the entire industry.
As a high-end product in the large screen display market, LCD splicing large screens provide perfect solutions for safety monitoring in various fields such as traffic safety, energy, electricity, etc., meeting the needs of multiple industries and fields for monitoring screen display and application. From the perspective of long-term development in security monitoring, the digital security monitoring, scheduling automation, information resource integration, and central control management functions of LCD splicing screens also provide a new development path for security monitoring.

Due to the particularity of the monitoring field and monitoring objects, the security monitoring command center has strict requirements for video clarity and accuracy. Therefore, there is a great demand for the brightness of LCD products, as well as the resolution and stitching of LCD products. At present, the basic resolution of LCD splicing can reach 1080P or above, which can meet the requirements for monitoring video resolution. In terms of stitching, the minimum stitching that ordinary LCD can achieve is only 5.3mm, while the seamless LCD stitching introduced by Qingtou Video has been reduced to 1.5mm, greatly reducing the gap between units and achieving a visually seamless effect, meeting the needs of security monitoring customers.
1.5mm seamless LCD splicing launched by Qingtou Video

In terms of image quality display, seamless LCD splicing greatly improves the splicing image quality, achieving seamless and natural splicing between LCD units. The perfect splicing effect created by OPT technology can be applied to various applications, such as video surveillance, precision graphic display, conference systems, financial data display, etc. The seamless splicing of LCD brings the ultimate experience in display effects and visual aspects, which greatly improves the data display and video accuracy in application environments with extremely high requirements for large screen stitching, effectively improving the work efficiency of government agencies and enterprises.

In addition, the splicing of large LCD screens also imposes extremely strict requirements on the lifespan and continuous working performance of the display tubes. At present, almost all LCD large screen products on the market can achieve continuous trouble-free operation for over 50000 hours. In addition to having certain dust prevention functions, they are also developed for specific industries. The LCD screen adopts the most advanced LED backlight technology at present, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the screen surface, reduce residual phenomena in the displayed images on the screen, and make the display smoother and clearer. At present, several seamless LCD splicing products from Qingtou have a power consumption of below 300W, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, ensuring system safety.
LCD screen splicing provides the best choice for high-definition security monitoring, enabling the best display effect of high-definition monitoring images captured by information collection. It can also perform automatic alarm or linkage control, providing the best display platform for high-definition monitoring, fully meeting various security applications such as traffic command, bank monitoring, power dispatch, border monitoring, urban management, community security, etc.

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