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Product name:46 inch LCD splicing screen

BOE Technology LCD panel is adopted. Can be assembled into high-definition splicing walls with any number of splicing combinations. The LCD splicing seam is only 1.7mm, and the screen has compatibility with high-definition and standard definition formats. It can intelligently adjust brightness, and the screen life exceeds 50000 hours.

ØTechnical features:

1: BOE Technology 46 inch industrial LCD splicing display, LED backlight, 500 lumens high brightness, 3000:1 contrast; Over 60000 service life;
2: Specially designed for video surveillance, with high brightness and high definition, perfectly displaying every detail of the image, and unique video image freezing function

3: In conjunction with the Banxun graphics processor and matrix, it can support up to 256 LCD splicing units
4: The latest breakthrough LED backlight technology achieves ultra narrow edge splicing gap -1.7mm on both sides

5: Ultra high resolution, single screen up to 1920X1080, supporting HDMI1080P/FULL HD
6: Intelligent temperature controlled fan, which can determine the internal temperature and activate the fan for cooling or internal heating
7: Ultra long service life, stable operation, no burns or damage, low maintenance cost
8: Rich input and output interfaces, VGA, HDMI, DVI, BNC video interface terminals, capable of connecting to computers and various video devices
9: The new "ultra wide angle of view extension technology" (LED backlight) ensures that images viewed from any angle within 178 degrees of view from top, bottom, left, and right do not deform, and colors do not distort,

ØStructural features:

1: Adopting an all metal casing, it is anti static, anti magnetic, and anti strong interference. The latest impact resistant design is sturdy and durable.

2: Ultra thin design, novel and beautiful appearance, fast and easy installation

3: Super silent cooling fan design, intelligent temperature control circuit, improves heat dissipation efficiency, and prolongs the overall lifespan of the machine

4: The structural design is suitable for embedded (composite curtain wall installation), wall mounted, suspended, and desktop bracket installation

5: HUCAI wall mounted and vertical (floor standing) aluminum alloy brackets can be selected, which are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install

ØPower consumption characteristics:

1: Industrial grade film version, all made of imported materials, with extremely stable performance.

2: Wide voltage range, capable of working normally between 100VAC and 240VAC (50/60Hz)

2: Adopting LED backlight, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, low heat generation, suitable for long-term continuous operation

46 inch professional splicing parameters and drawings
project parameter
Specification and model DX4608P
Panel size 46 ″
Display area 1018mm (W) × 572mm (H)
display mode onesix: 9
Maximum resolution 1920 * 1080
Display Color 16.7M 
Point spacing (mm) 0.53025 (H) × 0.53025 (V)
Brightness (nits) 500cd/㎡
contrast ratio 4000:1
Patchwork 1.7mm 
Perspective (Up/Down/Left/Right) one hundred and seventy-eight°/one hundred and seventy-eight°/one hundred and seventy-eight°/one hundred and seventy-eight°
response time 8ms
Field frequency 50Hz, 60Hz, 70Hz
Input and output
Composite video input 1 BNC (BNC * 1) input
HDMI 1 channel HDMI input
D-15 pin RGB input 1-way D-SUB VGA input
DVI 1 channel DVI digital video signal input
Splicing control interface RS232-RJ45 input and output
USB interface Software upgrade, high-definition image base
RJ45 Serial input and serial output (RJ45 * 3) Ultra narrow edge design, truly achieving seamless splicing;
Color system PAL/NTSC/Automatic recognition
Picture roaming support Produced under the strict quality control system of ISO9001;
Compatible HDTV input 480P, 576P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P
Splicing software display ◆ Uniform color, stable image, customized function for splicing large images;
Desktop language (optional) Chinese/English
power ◆ Adopting the world's leading DID LCD screen, creating a perfect high-definition and bright visual field;
source AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum power loss ≤ 160W The LCD splicing large screen is compact and beautiful, and the unique installation method has good heat dissipation;
Standby power loss <1W
Heat dissipation system Super silent fan cooling High resolution, high contrast, can truly restore the dynamic visual effects of colors and vivid text images;
Installation method Cabinet/wall mounted
Body size (length × high × Thick) 1021.98mm * 576.57mm * 153.4mm The splicing unit adopts a modular design, which is easy to maintain and replace boards. The installation method can be customized according to requirements
Packaging size: 1120.0mm × 715.0mm × 325.0mm

Application field:Urban Emergency Management Command Center, Large Conference Square, Store, Stage Entertainment, Mining Safety Production Supervision and Air Control System, Power Production Dispatch Control Center, Military Command Center, Financial Management Command Center, Radio and Television Studio, Government Enterprise Multimedia Video Conference Display System, Flood Control Command Center, Media Advertising, Fire Protection, Meteorology, Maritime Flood Control Command System, Traffic, Luggage, Safety Monitoring System, Theater Places such as urban environmental monitoring and command system, exhibition display system, airport subway flights, concerts, etc.
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