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Product name:Advertising machine - non touch 49 inches

1: Network control mode (LAN wired network, WiFi wireless network, optional 3G wireless network);

2: LAN/WAN, no need to manually change the memory card back and forth to replace the content, and directly operate and manage all advertising equipment on the computer background through the network, which can be centrally managed across regions;

3: Controllable full screen and split screen playback (creating multiple screen displays, including logo area, perpetual calendar area, video area, image area, subtitle area, etc.), with arbitrary segmentation and self layout of screen display;

4: Support rich content playback: video, pictures, mp3, weather forecast, web page, flash, ppt, word, excel, pdf, foreign exchange rate, live video, etc. can be freely combined (please consult customer service for specific Functional requirement, and the supported functions will vary depending on the version);

5: Provide a multimedia information publishing system with simple operation and powerful functions (divided into B/S and C/S architectures);

6: When the network is disconnected, it can be used as a standalone version, and can still create a variety of content through powerful backend information publishing software. Then, it can be exported and copied to a storage card, inserted into an advertising machine, and played in a loop;




Screen size





Dot pitch


chromatic number





Does it support wall hanging

Support for wall hanging

Bracket base


Is there a built-in speaker

Built-in speaker

Power supply type

AC Adapter

Product size

Length 672Mm; Width 1850Mm; High 545Mm

Net weight of product(Kg












Not supportedDPinterface


Not supportedType-Cinterface

Packaging List Currently unavailable

1、 Video conferencing: used for daily meetings, professional training sessions, video conferences, etc;

2、 Exhibition and display: corporate exhibition halls, museums, sales centers, VIP rooms, etc;

3、 Information release: large shopping malls, hotels, clubs, cinemas, clubs, etc;

4、 Educational institutions: training institutions, schools, video teaching, etc;

5、 Intelligent IOT: Big data analysis, transportation IOT center, elevator IOT center, etc.

Our services:

After sales service commitment:Three year warranty for the entire machine (one year screen protection).

After sales service process:Dixun has established a dedicated customer service network, providing hotline support services (national unified hotline: 0755-29615370). The customer service personnel of Dixun will promptly arrange local branch engineers to handle problems or machine malfunctions raised by users, and provide technical support and repair services at any time.

After sales service team:The "Dixun" after-sales service center is equipped with a professional technical service team, with exquisite technology, strong professional capabilities, and rich maintenance and support experience.

Special statement:

The company provides customers with a three-year warranty free of charge (excluding advertising machines and touch display devices). From the date when the equipment arrives at the user's location and signs for acceptance, all faults and damages caused by human damage, accidental damage, and illegal operations are not covered by the warranty. After the equipment warranty period, provide paid equipment maintenance services, charge component fees as appropriate, and waive maintenance fees. During the warranty period, various flexible contact methods such as hotline, fax, email, etc. are provided to provide users with 24-hour and timely response services. If any problems or malfunctions occur, and if the user deems it necessary for technical personnel to provide on-site support, our company will send professional engineers to the site (within Shenzhen city) within 8 hours to provide free maintenance or replacement service support. Outside Shenzhen, on-site after-sales network engineers will be arranged by "Banxun" to provide on-site services within 24 hours.

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